Jessica Dawdy

Jessica Dawdy

I'm a freelance travel writer

With more than five years of experience writing and publishing travel content, I have an eye for the stories that educate and engage readers.

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Japanese food article

5 Japanese Foods You Must Try - Let's Roll, a travel blog by

Sure, sushi is good, these are five Japanese foods that you have to try before you die....

Bigcountry e1378758780870 article

What Leaving Canada Has Taught Me About Canadian Culture

Everything that I learned about Canadian culture after traveling and living abroad....

31 murissa shalapata article

25 Canadian Travel Bloggers [PHOTOS] - Let's Roll, a travel blog by

This page contains 25 photos of travel bloggers in exotic travel locales with custom captions in both web-optimized and hi-res formats. Download all 25 web-ready images with captions  (.zip file  12.2mb) Download all 25 hi-res images with captions (.zip file  70.4mb) If you’d rather choose your images,  you can preview...